Pilot for Global Gospel Network TV starts in The Nederlands


Global Gospel Network TV (GGN-TV) is the new format for watching TV in the twenty-first century. It is a media portal with the media content you are looking for. You can watch it anywhere on all devices you prefer like your smart phone, tablet, laptop, PC or smart TV. You can watch anywhere, on line or off line by means of wifi, 4G, etc.


What will Global Gospel Network TV offer?
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It is an internet media portal giving access to:

  1. A selection of TV channels. We will look per nation what is possible, in The Netherlands we will give access to the basic stations like Netherlands 1, 2 and 3.  Beside that the best Christian TV Channels and some positive secular channels.
  2. Your “My Radio” account where you can store the best radio streams of your choice.
  3. Video and Audio on Demand (VOD).  Globally the most relevant bible teachings, worship, films, documentary’s, etc.

Why Global Gospel Network TV? 

  • For your own personal and spiritual life and for the church
  • This tool will be an instrument to provide for the worldwide church the most relevant media. It will help be trained in Gods Word, the times in which we live and to pray and worship God.
  • It will be great to have and it will bless you in many ways.
  • Secular TV offers a lot of things you don’t want to have in your home. It offers also violence, pulp programmes, pornography, occult stuff and horror.  This is of influence for many. Consider the young generation. It’s time to make clever and pure choices.
  • Now is the time, technology has developed in a way that this will work properly. 

The system and structure of watching TV will change dramatically over the next years. This is not a prediction, it already has started.  In the past it was like this. A certain day and time you sat on the couch for a specific programme, aired on a specific TV channel. This will in the future only happen in case of live registrations and interactive TV. Lots of people watch their content, chosen from a database. Netflix offers series and films and you watch it your time, your place, your device. So, how will this function?

  1. Complete integration of radio and TV with the internet through glass fiber, 4G, etc. 
  2. Watching database oriented your time, place and device.
  3. Different apps will be developed for the different target groups 
  4. Linear TV will only be appropriate for live registrations and interactive TV

sjoerdGlobal Gospel Network TV content should be visible by means of: 

  • PC en Laptop
  • Iphone (app)
  • Android  (app) 
  • Tablet (app)
  • Smart TV (app)

The steps we take in this proces: 
Step 1 (Pilot)

  • We will start with a pilot just for The Netherlands to see if it works properly. We are looking for people with faith in this project, willing to take part in the pilot phase. If you like to know more about it, go to the Dutch website:  www.nederland7.tv   The promotion will be springtime 2014 and the pilot will start October 2014. 

Step 2 (International proposition) 

  • After our evaluation in The Netherlands is OK, we will offer it globally. It will than later on be customized per country showing interest in this product.

Step 3

  • Adding Smart TV (apps) 

Description of the content:
1. TV Channels

The pilot in the Netherlands will start with Netherlands 1, 2 and 3. We now are in contact with 25 Christian TV channels, mainly in the USA and UK, but also in The Netherlands, Germany and Iceland. We hope to start the pilot with about 10 Christian channels and keep it growing. We contacted for example God TV, TBN, Family 7, Ihop prayer room, Bibel TV, ERF, UBC, etc. 

Later on, we can try to add some positive, secular channels like National Geographic, Discovery, Animal Planet. CNN, Eurosport, etc. This will probably be offered requiring an additional fee. 

2. Radio

All “free to air” radio streams can be added in your “My radio” account. Subscribers get an account where they can add and exchange radio streams of their choice. 

3. Video & Audio on Demand

This will also be very important. We will provide a database with a browser and a menu structure to find the content you are looking for. GGN will collect in conjunction with all the subscribers the best biblical teachings, worship, films and documentaries worldwide. 

We will start in the pilot with mostly Dutch content providers, but this will continuously grow and be updated with content from all over the globe. Please give us your thoughts on this. 

cameraTarget groups: 
The Netherlands:

The Netherlands has 17 million inhabitants.  About 5% could be counted as prospects for GGN. The name in The Netherlands is “Nederland 7 TV”.  Of course we don’t know what percentage of the 850.000 Dutch active Christians will be interested. The pilot will provide more information on that. 

Subscribers will have the possibility to receive a newsletter by email with updates, news, questionnaires, etc.

World wide:

According to Wikipedia the world has 2.1 billion Christians of the 7 billion people living on this world. It’s impossible to say how many of these would like have this content directly available under their button. At one of our Betteld centres (www.betteld.nl) we had the Mission Possible conference in 2013.  God TV broadcasted this and had millions of viewers.  Not everybody has a smart phone or tablet or computer yet, but is growing tremendously. We see many hungry Christians around the globe searching for good material. We will offer this for the best price possible and help build where we can for improvement of the Kingdom.


If you have any ideas or suggestions, please email us. 

Please pray for this project so that it will be a huge blessings to many individuals and the global church.

Thank you very much, kind regards and many blessings, 


Gerhard Hobelman.
Mail: info@globalgospelnetwork.tv
Tel: 0314-627200